King Kong

King Kong ★★★★

King Kong...1933
"A monster of creation's dawn, breaks loose in our world today."
Director...Marian C Cooper

In a film so fantastically amazing, even Hitler loved it, jungle explorer Bruce Cabbot monkeys around on the mysterious Skull Island, chasing after Fay Wray and her fifty foot tall simian captor. Things get hairy, the island is chocked full of monsters, and the natives are unfriendly.
Fantastic stop motion creature effects from Willis Obrien, are still amazing in the world of cgi.
The climatic battle ape-on top of the empire state building, must have wowed a 1933 audience. Kong is still the big banana of monster flicks decades after its release.
Robert Armstrong, Sam Hardy, Frank Reicher, 1933, 1hr 40min, Rko, Warner Brothers.

This classic of American cinema is currently streaming on HBO Max, occasionally appears on TCM, it can also be purchased or rented online, there is also a dvd and blu ray.

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