The Blob ★★★

Some remakes are terrible, some are good and then some are better than the original The Blob falls in the latter category. Here at Mondo cinema we love the fifties sci fi classic, but this is a miner masterpiece of horror cinema. The town of Arborville is besieged by a killer organism at first seemingly from space, that consumes every living thing in it's path. They do a lot with this simple story, almost making it a quasi slasher film, the blob stalks people sneaks up on them etc just like Jason. There is a nice twist in the story later on revealing that the blob is a government weapon. The movie also features Mondo Cinema favorite Shawnee Smith (I had a major crush on her when I was a young movie buff) not to mention Bill Mosley in a small cameo. The main stand out is the special effects. It's a tour de force of gore, blood, and slime. People often talk about the effects in The Thing, but this is in the same league, hats of to special effects artist Tony Gardner, we here at Mondo Cinema really appreciate your efforts. We want to take a moment to induct one of the characters into the Mondo Cinema hall of fame, Scott Jeske you smooth operator, with your class ring scam and FULL bar in the trunk of your car, welcome to the hall of fame. When its my time to go I to hope to die with my hand on a titty. So now I'm going to sit back in my favorite chair and patiently wait for that sequel as promised at the end of the film.

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