All Quiet on the Western Front

All Quiet on the Western Front ★★★★

Bone-chilling & boldly barren. Fatefully fierce & ferociously forthright. Cacophonously calm.

Edward Berger manufactures a judiciously action-packed & emotionally competent motion picture in All Quiet on the Western Front. There is much to praise here, above all, taken as a whole it is deeply horrifying and raw; not to mention, so well-executed on every technical level possible. That score will haunt me. A script that understands and seeks to reveal the truth and harshness of combat. Both the cinematography and Felix Kammerer’s unquestionably essential presence in establishing the film’s heart, truly beyond words. Certainly not perfect, as I was much less interested in the scenes involving static, caricature-esque military leaders, but each individual aspect succeeds in the construction of a stellar achievement nonetheless. I gotta see this on the big-screen someday!

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