Starman ★★★

Very much a product of the post ET era and no worse for being that. A nice change of pace from director John Carpenter too. While Carpenter and Speilberg are very different filmmakers, what is clear here along with Speilberg's ET and Close Encounters Of The Third Kind is both share the view (No doubt born out of the Vietnam war) that the authorities and military are not to be trusted and some things (such as first contact with aliens) would be better handled by the ordinary man on the street. Or in the this case, the ordinary woman. While Jeff Bridges is good as the alien who takes on human form and mimics human behaviour in a bid to understand it, all the heavy lifting acting wise is done by Karen Allen as Jenny Hayden. A widow who is able to finally deal with her grief by talking to an alien who has taken on his appearance. In the scene late on when she asks the starman why he left without saying goodbye, you just know she really talking to her late husband. With her performance here and in Raiders Of The Lost Ark, I wonder why Allen didn't go on to be a bigger star?

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