Bohemian Rhapsody ★★★★

This is a really complicated film for me to talk about.
On the one hand, I was enthralled with every scene and consistently moved and inspired.
On the other hand, it’s incredibly flawed, plays VERY fast and loose with history (to an icky degree) and often portrays Freddie’s sexuality in a negative light.

I think my enjoyment won out in the end with the help of the absolutely electrical Live Aid performance. 
Rami. Fucking. Malek. Believe the hype. Might be the best performance I’ve seen all year. Absolutely embodied Freddie Mercury and commands every single scene. He single-handedly lifts this film up every time it threatens to dip, and without him I’d probably be knocking off an entire star. I hope he gets some recognition come awards time.
Lucy Boynton is also great. She is consistently fantastic in everything I see her in, ngl I have a bit of a crush. Hopefully she starts to blow up.
The supporting cast all did a great job, there wasn’t a particularly weak link. It was a little awkward seeing Mike Meyers (he even makes a Wayne’s World joke) but he wasn’t bad.

So yeah, this isn’t a particularly inventive, edgy or factual biopic. But it is an electrifying tribute to the greatest band ever to grace the stage, their beautiful frontman and the joy and togetherness they brought to people the world over. I left emotionally moved and full of love for Queen and Freddie, just in awe of this one of a kind human being. 

The thing that really held me back from going higher was some historical changes in the third act, completely manipulating real life to make for a more engaging scene. Using Freddie telling the band about his aids as the catalyst for their incredibly Live Aid performance is really fucking cheap and kinda disgusting, considering he wasn’t even diagnosed until two years later. 

PS: fuck Bryan Singer, as far as I’m concerned this is a Dexter Fletcher movie.